my take: I got inspired listening to Diane Rehm’s “Reader Review” (rebroadcast)…I read The Help quite a while ago and hearing the discussion reminded me of how much I love this book. It’s one of those juicy, can’t get enough of reads.It’s a serious subject matter (black women who are domestic slaves, basically) served up in an easy flowing novel (told by several voices), and as such, can be “taken” either way. Ultimately, it’s about finding one’s voice – whether a white woman who wants a career in the 60’s or the nearly invisible hardworking, black women who are hired help…and the unlikely help they give each other.

My favorite line is from Aibeleen, one of ‘the helps’ who consoled her young charge each day … You is kind. You is smart. You is important. I watched the movie with my teenage boys and they co-opted that line for when one of us isn’t feeling up to snuff.

my source: Missy Tanis GAVE ME HER COPY. For keeps! Available for loan.

my verdict: YES! Read this! Great vacation read, book clubs, winter blahs beater, be a better human

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