my take: this book is right up my alley. self-improvement. resolutions. introspection. all from a slightly pessimistic view point. gretchen’s project inspired me to think about what things could make me happier…with her main idea of “changing her life without changing her life.”  i loved her “secrets of adulthood.” the tone is breezy, with plenty of examples of failures and success on her year-long quest.

in spite of lots of skepticism from the type-B book chicks, we had a LONG (maybe longest ever ON TOPIC) and meaningful discussion. one chick thought it was too lightweight in the self-help category. most chicks latched on to an idea or two.

my source: my sister, Carey, book chicks february 2011, own & loaned already

recommend: anyone willing to ask the question “could i be happier?”

rating: feel good self help

genre: nonfiction