my take: I thought it was a fun, female, fiction (FFF) which put me in completely the wrong frame of mind … a 40-something single author visited by the Virgin Mary in need of a vacation. Seems like it could be funny.  Nope. It’s quite philosophical, historical (long passages about Marian sightings), and scientific-al (as in theories). I warmed up to our lady as I left my FFF expectations behind and by the end I can say I enjoyed it. It left me thinking about: the nature of history; the nature of truth; the and/or theory; the uncertainty theory; the possibility of miracles. not much plot but lots to ponder. but i’m kind of a pondering nerd, so there’s that.

I knew there had to be at least one book chick who would completely jive on it – and sure enough! We had a great discussion and agreed that it’s a book club kind of book: not a warm, engaging novel, but a treasure trove of topics to discuss with others.

my source: Hazel’s suggestion for Book Chicks; own & will lend

my verdict: Good discussion book, off-the-beaten path read, philosophical