my take: A lot of sentences in this book are worth reading several times. Seriously. the introduction alone is worth reading multiple times. Barbara Brown Taylor (affectionately “BBT” around our house) is the most amazing writer, thinker, and teacher. I reread most chapters, as well.

She takes ordinary, earthy, fleshy objects/experiences and shows how they are sacred…walking, getting a poke in the eye, wearing skin. I read the chapters in random order…each is an essay, a sermon (in the meditative sense), a connecting of God to the world and the world to a sacred practice. This is the kind of book I like on the bedside table to read over several months. It altered me…for good.

my source: My mother, who owns and adores every BBT book. I read her copy and then bought my own. Worth owning. Worth sharing, if I could part with it.

my recommend: everybody

my rating: Profound. Tremendous. On my list of important books in my life. 5/5 stars