my take: This is Shauna’s second book. I related a bit better to Cold Tangerines, which was more about enjoying the simple things in life. She wrote Bittersweet after a couple of major life happenings: losing her job, having a miscarriage, and moving. It’s about how she fell apart and what little things put her back together. In both books she’s vulnerable and gritty – willing to share her joys, sorrows, missteps, failings, and passions (food, travel). It’s almost like sitting down for coffee with friend. A really hip friend. Who likes to entertain and seems very fabulous. And is shattered inside.

Although I couldn’t relate to her miscarriage, I could relate to loss and grief and unwelcome change. And who can’t? At some point, we’re the one who’s shattered. This is a good guide for walking through the dark times, and walking next to someone who is struggling. And it’s good to recognize that “in all things there is something broken and something beautiful” (p 11).

my source: Heidi Rose gave me her copy. For keeps. I’m so grateful. Will share.

my recommend: Anyone dealing with grief, loss, pain, major life changes, or those who know someone who is – Shauna tells how she’ll relate to people differently, so we can all learn.

my rating: Beautifully written