my take:  this is a quiet and contemplative novel, set in the fictional small town Gilead…the title of a previous book. it’d been a while since i read Gilead, but it didn’t matter …. home offers an in-depth look at some different characters. there’s not much action as Marilynne Robinson explores issues of Christian faith in a direct way, but with a soft touch. i loved the characters and what the book made me think about: “home” – can you ever go back home? where is home? what happens when the prodigal son comes home?; and predestination – are some people destined to be evil? who are the elect? are we one or the other?
these questions and more swirl around in the dust of the Boughton home…come in and run your finger along the windowsill and set it in motion.

my source: 12 books for 12 days

my recommend: book clubs, Festival of Faith & Writers attendees

my rating: quiet, thoughtful, gorgeous prose, loved it