my take: Oh, this slim book packs a lot of sadness. “George Washington Crosby began to hallucinate eight days before he died.” The opening line sets what will be the only fixed point in the book – George’s death.

The narrative wanders from George’s deathbed through the recesses of his memories, interspersed with his father’s and grandfather’s lives. Each was a tinker in their own way … and each carried sadness of their own.

I threw this in my suitcase on a long trip thinking such a lightweight (physically) book would be a good thing to have along … it’s so heavy (emotionally) I’m surprised I could lift the suitcase! It took me longer than usual to finish the book.

I think this would have been a better book club read – I needed somewhere to discuss and download all the sadness. It was almost as devastating as Still Alice. seriously.

my source: 12 books for 12 days

my verdict: Quiet. Weighty. Frankly, depressing. Not recommended for Michigan winter reading…wait till summer.

2016 update: Paul Harding is coming to the Festival of Faith and Writing and we’re reading for book club – finally! Discussion!