my take: i read this in a day … a little book with lots of inspiration. i include gratitude suggestions in my life skills classes for my recovery ladies, so when i spied this book, i knew i had to read it.

in this impersonal technological age, what’s better than getting a hand-written thank you note in the mail? not much. (okay, getting unexpected cash in the mail could be better.) turns out, writing one may be even better for you.

i was inspired to 1) start writing thank you notes even for gifts received in person 2) write thank you’s for acts of kindness 3) re-discover an every day practice of gratitude 4) re-think what daily practices can create positive energy in my life.

the author portrays the mess his life was, how gratitude impacted his life, and the positive results for him and the receiver of his thanks – a win win situation. something the world needs now.

my source: browsing target book aisle

my verdict: most definitely worth a read ~ with the potential to change your life