my take: Our book club loved this … everybody had something to say and everybody read it!

As a fan of memoir, a fan of an earlier work (Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers), and one who’s travelled to Kenya, this was right up my alley. Although, I have to admit, there were a few nights it put me to sleep (maybe the small print? or old testament baboon names?) … for an insomniac this is actually a plus in a book selection.

Sapolsky is a great story teller, and he regals with stories of a baboon troop and his own travels around Africa. Seriously, for a neurobiologist, this guy is fun and funny….  a hippie who’s doing really important brain research. A documentary about stress & his research is worth a watch … “Stress~Portrait of a Killer” shows him and baboons.

my source: Book Chicks pick … our resident nonfiction lover’s choice

my verdict: great science-y/adventure memoir.