my take: septembers is set in Iran after the Shah has been removed in the 1980’s. i remember that event, and as many of the dictatorships in the Gulf region have been toppled recently this is an eerily current novel. it made me wonder what-all’s been going on in those countries as the underdog takes over.

so, yep. there’s torture involved. and seizing of property. and torn allegiances as we watch a wealthy Jewish family living in Tehran try to escape. characters from both sides of the society tell a different story. each family member is given space to tell of their experience.

and somehow, it’s not a gruesome tale. the writing is lovely. i’m not quite sure why the novel was named septembers … but there is a longing that comes with september. and a longing when we are displaced from our lives. the author’s family fled Iran when she was ten, so she knows this longing.

my source: sister-in-law Sue & mother-in-law Judy

my verdict: good read.