my take: i love it when a novel can transport me to a different place and time … i love new language and finding myself in a compeletly different part of the world.

immersion. the lush tropical islands of hawaii, the ocean’s surf, the devastation of leprosy … this novel carried me to the middle of the Pacific. i was cramming just before book club, and that turned out to be a good thing … immersion by time (hours of reading rather than minutes) into this novel really enhanced the experience. as is so often the case. i wasn’t knocked out by the dialog, but it was easily over-looked when i dove in.

joy, deep sorrow, loneliness, love, pain, death, birth. this book runs the gambit and sweeps through a long span of time. i believe they call that epic. favorable reviews at our book club meeting with lots to talk about.

my source: book chicks october pick ~ thanks, Cherise

my verdict: great read.