my take: The real love story here is my head-over-heels infatuation with all things Joshilyn Jackson writes. For reals.

This time, I was going to slow down and relish and savor and draw out the time spent living in a JJ world. But no. She writes page turners! So I read it in a day. And then felt a little like you do when you’ve eaten the entire bag of your favorite indulgence (say, potato chips) … happy, satisfied, and regretting that it’s over.

This time out JJ tackles autism, rape, virgin birth, interfaith marriage & divorce, child prodigy, genetics, nature vs. nurture … with wacky characters and a plot that unfolds in such a way that you, too, will not be able to wait to find out what happens. It’s a love story, obviously, but you can’t really say who loves who till the end. At least, I couldn’t since I was too busy reading and didn’t stop to ponder. Maybe you’ll figure it out.

my source: a gift from my daughter Anne – in hardcover! now available for loan, Susan.

my take: as fabulous as ever, my hat’s off to Ms. Jackson once again

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