my take: I went into this one kicking and screaming a bit … it’s summer, and I want beach reads! Which this is decidedly not, and it’s long. Also, I was interested in how technology is changing our brains, which the author was quick to point out this book is not about.

However, once into it, I enjoyed the premise of finding what all this technology is good for….connecting, teaching, advancing ideas, social activism, and more. For instance, as a society we are writing more than ever. I loved the chapter on teaching.

There were so many things I wanted to remember so I highlighted them on my iPad (borrowed an ebook from the library) and poof! the book expired before book club so I just had to wing it. Sister took notes and several book chicks had written in the margins and highlighted items (particularly for their hubbies).

We had a lively discussion, stayed on topic for a long time, and practically fell over each other trying to read snippets. And the food was amazing.

my source: Book Chicks July 2014 pick

my verdict: worth a read ~ we at Book Chicks agreed it was an even better read if read in small doses with other books interspersed … there’s a lot to absorb … and some of us prefer fiction