my take: This was an impulse buy for me … I’d seen it and heard about it and decided to read something super current, fresh off the presses, all the buzz. And it was worth it. (Although, I guess I could have waited and paid less….)

The main character is a tv screen writer and when the chance of a lifetime to write her own show comes at Christmastime, she opts for work over her family and then the madness begins…through the landline, since her cell phone battery keeps dying. (If you’re not into slightly impossible happenings, this won’t be the book for you.)

It’s a treatise on marriage, or relationships, as our heroine analyzes what it was that brought her and her husband together … and if that is enough to endure.

my source: saw on daughter Anne’s Goodreads list and heard about on NPR; please come borrow my hard cover copy! 
my verdict: well worth a read: insightful