my take: I loved Let the Great World Spin and when I saw this at the book store I grabbed it. Spin had a structure that gave the reader a spinning sensation – characters, events, the narrative were spinning out of control in many ways as Mr. McCann’s reaction to the 9/11 events in New York City. The structure of Transatlantic is similar and I’m guessing rather than spinning, the author would like the reader to get the sensation of crossing over, back and forth, to and from North America and Ireland.

The first part is the various stories of several men and their crossings. The second part is the stories of the women in the background of the previously told male-oriented narratives. I found the women’s stories a bit more satisfying.

A great look at how history is the woven tales of people through the years – how one story influences or converges with another story. And how there are many stories happening at the same time in the same place. So little of which is recorded in history books.

I though Spin was better, but the second part of Transatlantic is great.

my source: found while browsing at the Book Nook and Java Shop in Montague, Michigan

my verdict: good read