my take: I am a confirmed sucker for all things Jane Austen…finishing the Pride and Prejudice story? a movie based on Emma (Clueless)? a t-shirt that says “I am Mr. Darcy”? yes. yes. yes.

So I’m all in for the re-writing series for her classics (and other classic novels). And I love Alexander McCall Smith. Put the two together? Good clean fun.

The plot mostly follows Ms. Austen’s original with a few minor changes and lots of modern additions (gym membership, university attendance, fancy cars, and climate change). I loved the quaint, plucky language Mr. Smith uses to give the formality of the classic Austen era – the writing was delightful.

my source: looking for another book at Reader’s World in hometown Holland

my verdict: as far as a Jane re-writing – this is a good (not great) one … better, I thought, than Sense and Sensibility 
If you haven’t read Alexander McCall Smith’s The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency go do that.