my take: The title and the cover design give great clues about this read: it’s a wild ride. The Fates section focuses on the male half of a marriage and mostly tells the world from his point of view. The Furies section deals with the woman’s half of the marriage and told mostly from her experience and point of view.

In the end, I wondered what their motivation for marriage was for these two strange characters. Would be interesting to discuss.

Also, discussions help if you don’t know much about, say, Greek gods (they’re a jumbled mess for me). One’s co-readers could fill you in and then you’d have half a clue if any mythology was obvious and you just missed it. If I could ask Ms. Groff a question about the book it would definitely be about which myths inspired her writing. (Seth Meyers did not – see below)

The tale from two perspectives reminded me a little of Gone Girl – much less violent! – and the narrative had a pulsating, swirling, tragic flavor. I would have loved this book – but for all the ding dang sex. Even Seth Meyers whilst interviewing her said there was a lot of sex. After reading, Hubby agreed. If you’ve read and disagree, please pipe in below!

my source: Previously read her Arcadia and loved it (AND JUST REALIZED I NEVER REVIEWED IT) (SOMETIMES I JUST READS) – saw this in Birchbark Books – Louise Erdrich’s Minneapolis bookstore

my verdict: worth a read … and let me know what you know about mythology