my take: Daring Greatly was about being in the arena – engaging in life, going for it, trying and possibly failing. This is the follow up guide about how to get up after you’ve fallen – how to integrate loss and failure into your life, rather than deny it or avoid it. Because it’s gonna happen.

Each chapter opens with a full page beautifully designed summary of the idea – eye catching and inspiring. So that’s a treat. Mostly, the book feels like a great pep talk from Brené. She’s got a lot of great expressions.

The thing I thought about the longest was the question Ms. Brown’s therapist posed to her after a particularly trying experience: “Do you think people are doing the best they can?” Ms. Brown goes on to answer and ask her close friends and then to research it. One’s answer to the question is, let’s just say, telling.

This is a book a may read again – lots of wisdom and butt-kicking.

my source: you know, Brené and I are buds on Instagram. she lets me know what’s going on.

my verdict: excellent read