my take: Socially awkward with a very precisely scheduled life, a young woman who knows she’s the butt of office jokes, Eleanor’s solitary existence at first glance is fine. She seems to enjoy her routine and has her basic needs met. She avoids her co-workers, makes astute observations to herself about the lives around her, and gets by with Vodka.

Her life changes when an elderly man collapses on the street near her. With his fall begins the climb up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid for our heroine.

The narrative becomes heart-breaking as Eleanor (and the reader) discovers the depth of her loneliness and explores her past trauma. Happily, it’s also funny, witty, and heart-warming. Near the end I sensed a small tribute to Sense and Sensibility (<3).

my source: First recommended to me by tennis friend/author Christine. Thanks!

my verdict: Very fine read – highly recommend.