My take: This book drew me in so fast and after reading the first chapter I realized the book was going to go back in time hour by hour and I might not find out how the situation plays out. (There’s an epilogue – no need to worry.)

I was stunned by the subject and depth of this novel. Ms. Picoult does not shy away from the hard, cold facts and reality of abortion and she includes so much humanity and love in each character – from the clinic owner to the physician to the clients there for various reasons.

Cleverly crafted, clearly researched, thought-provoking, real, raw, page turner … wow.

My source: Daughter-in-law-to-be Hillary is a huge Jodi Picoult fan. I got to read her signed copy. She told me Ms. Picoult designed the book to be read in either direction – front to back as bound, or back to front of book. Amazing.

My verdict: Couldn’t put this down. Highly recommend.