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The hits keep coming from Elizabeth Strout.

Welcome back, Olive.

Olive Kitteridge introduced the main character who stars again in this collection of tales. Like the first book, it’s a walk through small town Maine for to peek in windows, or a linger next to a conversation at the diner … what’s going on in that booth, in that house, in that relationship?

Olive is the most prominent of the characters, and in several of the other stories we catch glimpses of her.

Here is she is in her glorious, crotchety, largeness in the autumn of her life. Flawed, angry, flippant, kind, helpful, understanding, ignorant, loving, unloveable. So. Human.

The plot and time move erratically forward much like leaves from trees. Let the wind blow where it will. You’ll be glad for the wandering. 5/5 stars.