A trusted book source friend recommended this … and just a disclaimer that if you are a little squeamish about self-abuse, this might not read the book for vous (she gave me no such warning. I am here for vous, peeps.)

If you are looking for something COMPLETELY different, this novel inspired by the artist Marina Abramović may be for you. She’s an actual artist and the central event of this book was an actual installation work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 2010.

Interwoven with the artist’s perspective are the tales of several people who come to the exhibit…what they bring with them and what they take away from the experience. As the public sees the artist in the on-going (70ish days) project, the reader also gets to see her somewhat brutal life story and how her art evolved.

Unforgettable. 4/5 stars. Thanks, Christine!