I heard Priya Parker interviewed on Brené Brown’s podcast Unlocking Us and was intrigued enough to purchase the book. Partly, I think, I was looking for ‘gathering’ in a time when we are not; getting ready for the time when we do gather. And partly because BB picks highly interesting experts.

The idea is that to gather well we do so with intention, planning, preparing, hosting, and then finishing. When we plan to assemble a group of people with meaning and purpose we give our guests (and ourselves) a little more bang for the get-together buck, whether it’s a baby shower or global summit or dinner party.

The one criticism I have, and it could just be my wee mind, is that I found the explanation on how to determine the why of a gathering too nebulous. Maybe I needed more concrete examples? As in, a list of party types and possible why’s.

Mostly what I loved about the book is the author’s fascinating personal experiences and those of her clients. In a time when I’m unable to travel, it was lovely to hear of her far-flung meetings with global movers and shakers.