I chose the book for the title … it’s been sitting on a pile of to-read for, um, two (three?) years. Dani Shapiro was at the 2018 Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College and I snagged this to read there. Here’s the thing about post-festival reading: sometimes it doesn’t happen. (2020 Festival has been postponed until 2022).

This is a memoir of Dani’s early adult life … a life that seemed turbulent and a bit out of control. When her parents got in a serious car accident life went into slow motion. It’s the story of how she and her mother came to terms with their tumultuous relationship and how they built a life after catastrophe.

I loved the writing and the timing of this read. Since reading, I’ve heard Ms. Shapiro interviewed about some life-altering news she received as a much older adult, and I am eager to get my hands on the book she wrote about that experience.

4/5 stars Time seems to be moving in SLOW MOTION since we started the pandemic.