Maybe because Atari was one of the few options and PacMan was not alluring to me; maybe because Mario Brothers and Oregon Trail came along for my daughters and Zelda and MarioKart for my boys as things to take them off my hands instead of something I took time to play; maybe because it just wasn’t going to be my thing: I don’t consider myself a gamer. Or really even interested in GAMING.

And I LOVED THIS BOOK. The New York Times “The Morning” was about gaming recently and I was reminded of this fantastic read from last summer.

As much as it’s about gaming, it’s about friendship, love, betrayal, loss, grief, pain, disability.

It’s author Gabrielle Zevin’s re-interpreting Macbeth’s bleak speech of doomed days, instead a world where “…every day you’re alive is a chance to start again….with…infinite lives and chances for redemption.”

Who doesn’t need a shot at redemption?

Probs my favorite 2022 read. 5/5 stars.