my take: This is one of those books I hope I never forget: never forget the shift in the universe that occurred while slowly digesting this meaty book. I’ve been thinking for some time that the church as it exists in North America (and perhaps Europe) can not be the thing Jesus hoped would follow after him. In my own heart, knowing I worship at various earthly altars, I understand where the church has gone wrong: I am the problem. Brian McLaren gives a new look at the “good news” and unpacks it through the three hallmarks of society – prosperity, security, justice. The stanza of a hymn sums it up best for me:
“…cure thy children’s warring madness/bend our pride to Thy control
shame our wanton, selfish gladness/rich in things and poor in soul
grant us wisdom, grant us courage/lest we miss Thy kingdom’s goal”

McLaren’s essential questions are 1) what are the biggest global problems today? and 2) what does Jesus have to say about them? This is a call to disarm, share, care. After reading a few reviews online, I see this is rather controversial to traditional/conservative Christians. But not to folks like Mother Teresa.

my source: BFF susan gave this to me several years ago for my birthday – somehow this was the right time to read it; on the shelf (although very marked up) & available

recommend to: open hearts, small groups for discussion