my take: this was a gem of a pick for book chicks … i thought it was a “quiet” read, sleepy almost, and wasn’t super impressed at the start. it took a couple of chapters to understand the layout of the book: each chapter is told by a different person, who at first seem completely unrelated. as the author lets on how each person knows each other through the newspaper, their tales get a little more complicated, startling, and in a sense “louder.” it’s ironic how the people who produce the news aren’t really in the know about life. in my thinking, “clueless” would have been a better title.

my father was in the newspaper business, so i found that aspect appealing. the book chicks had a great discussion at the deelight.

my source: book chicks

recommend: book clubs, book chicks everywhere, menfolk, too

rating: A-

genre: american contemporary