my take: I read this a year and a half ago, and, as it was pick for Book Chicks this month, I haven’t been able to review it. I wasn’t able to attend the discussion, but a few minutes re-reading the first few pages and I easily remembered the warm, haunted feeling I had while reading.

“I wish i was a British pound coin instead of an African girl. Everyone would be pleased to see me coming.” It is sad how many “everyones” are not happy to see her coming.

It’s hard to imagine the hurt going on around the world at any given moment … in jungles, on beaches, at immigration detention centers. Little Bee is able to tell us these sufferings in a way that makes the horror lyrical. “It is a good trick.”

my source: Debra, former owner of Book Nook Java Shop

my rating: Excellent read. Loved this. Read it.