my take: I see they are making a movie (starring Sandra Bullock) of this … so get it read before you head to the theater (or receive the red envelope).

This book is extremely sad and incredibly funny. And clever. Set in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, this is haunting and adventurous. I can imagine the movie will be lush with New York scenes.

I’ve recently read several “character” books … where 2 or more voices tell the story. This one is incredibly well-written. I loved the voice of nine year old Oskar. The other voice is of one who can’t speak, which makes for interesting reading.

I got lost in this book. And loved where I found these characters.

my source: Anne, read her copy; Jonathan Safran Foer will be at the Festival of Faith & Writing in 2012

my verdict: Yes! Read this. Will be in my “best reads” this year. Great discussion read.

similar: let the great world spin, a history of love