my take: Pastor Heidi read a wonderful passage from this in her sermon recently, so I was prompted to finally review this fabulous young adult novel, written by an English professor at my alma matter, Calvin College.

What fun for an English professor to write about Shakespeare in the context of another story. It was well-timed read for me  … coming off of Will in the World I had all things Shakespeare on the brain. Don’t worry if you don’t, I think you’ll enjoy Wednesday for the coming of age story it is.

This reminded me of “The Wonder Years” in setting … Vietnam era, Jr. High. I laughed and cried for Holling Hood and his misery of adolescence: teachers, parents, sibling trouble, being seen in tights.

my source: It’s been on my to-read list for several years, can’t remember how it got there. Should be on yours, too.

my verdict: Yes. Enjoy. Read. Offer it to your young adults.