my take: in a chapter in the book willpower, a professional organizer helps drew carey get his office life together. i tucked that info away (and recently remembered that i wanted to investigate) … this is written by that organizer.

the crossover from willpower is that all the undone things in our life (projects, calls, tasks, appointments) act as spinning balls in our brains – i picture it as the spinning ball on my mac when it can’t keep up or needs to think a few seconds and can’t do what i’ve asked it. these spinning balls drain our brain power & consequently our willpower.

our brains like to have things done. the main idea i got from this was to write down the next thing i can do about any given project – call so-and-so or look up such-and-such or do whatever. concrete. next thing. that in and of itself calms the brain to be able to stop the spinning ball and frees it to enjoy, relax, create, produce.

the rest of the book, the system, is a little complicated (sometimes called “43 folders”). there are five big steps in the process. it was a bit overwhelming to take in – but i think i’ve got the gist of it. not sure if i’ll actually dive in and do the whole system, though some of the ideas i REALLY need to implement, and i could use more STRESS-FREE in my life.

i can cross off “read getting things done,” anyway.

my source: willpower

my verdict: organization on a cosmic level – not for the faint of heart.