my take: my mother handed me this and said she’d had low expectations and had been pleasantly surprised that she like the book. hmm. well, now i wasn’t sure if i had low expectations or slightly higher ones due to her liking it.

i read it on the beach in st. george island, florida on spring break in preparation for the Festival of Faith and Writing. and i liked it. it’s a departure from the kind of fiction i’ve been reading … and a nice change.

typically i classify this as “chick lit” for lack of a better term – and i don’t mean it in a derogatory way … never gonna win a literary award, but still worth a read. actually, i enjoy how these kinds of books kind of round out a literary life. a little lighter in terms of vocabulary or philosophy, but a good story, believable characters, and usually something to think about. this one deals with finding your true calling/career and has a bit of a love story.

this was interesting in that the author brought her Christian faith into the main characters – how Christianity plays out in the life of a 30-something single professional woman – like someone i would maybe know. ah, you say, chick lit and “christian.” (i hear the derision) but really, it’s not like that. it’s better.

my source: my mother’s book club, Festival of Faith & Writing list

my verdict: pretty good chick lit. worth a read.