my take: oooh, this is a lovely little book. little in your hand, but big in your experience.

this historical fiction is a delightful wander through Italian woods and gardens, a lakeside cottage and a villa inhabited by an interesting cast of characters. a bit of intrigue, a bit of magic, a bit of invention. a bit of love and lust.

i thought the book was bold in a quiet way. something completely different from anything i’ve read and for me a tremendous new author to follow. i very much enjoyed this small novel based on the creation of the first typewriter.

my source: Festival of Faith and Writing

(okay, i have to admit i did gush a little to carey wallace at the FFW … and told her i’d blogged about her book and then realized i’d only drafted a post … not actually posted. there are about a million things to like about her … and number one is she grew up in Michigan. i really hope she’s working on another novel.)

my verdict: yes! read this.