my take: As soon as I finished this I did two things: 1) checked Wikipedia to see if the facts were correct 2) wished Paula McLain would write a book about the second wife, maybe the third and fourth, as well.

Yes, indeed, the facts are accurate, only the conversations fabricated. I found it fascinating – a great trip to Paris in the 1920’s.

Lots to chat about at Book Chicks, although for full disclosure I must say ONE chick did not care to finish. Not enough action for her. Yes, not much plot, lots of booze and sex, though. (It’s a wonder these people didn’t drink themselves to death.) Lots of travel and adventure. Plenty of “men are scum” moments.

Paula McLain’s website has photos and timeline of Hemingway’s life – worth a look during and after reading.

my source: book chicks april pick

my verdict: good read.