my take: Thank you, Joshilyn. You’ve done it again! It was worth the wait.

I work with women in addiction recovery, so the story line about drug use was especially interesting to me. I loved the story told from three generations. Nobody weaves a story the way you do.

Here’s what i’m wondering … in this technological age, does fiction necessarily have to include technology? Your novel was heavy with gadgets. Can we communicate in the modern novel without bringing in cell phones, texts, emails, computers? … maybe not. Just wondering.

Anyway, you kept me page turning in your usual keep-the-reader-guessing way. That thrills me. I didn’t figure it all out … but came close on a few things.

And Joshilyn, honey, I’m waiting again…

my source: Heard it through the grapevine. Bought in hardcover. Willing to share.
see also backseat saints

my verdict: Another fabulous story from a great story teller. Yes! Read this!