my take:This was on my pile of books to read before the Festival of Faith & Writing. as such, I had no idea what it was about. I love not knowing! It’s been recommended by a great source and I get to discover it.

I love the voice of this narrator – Kambili. she lives in a very sheltered and strict home … the story tells of her flowering. her coming-of-age and coming to know how she has lived and how to chose another life. How to see things, as if for the first time:

“I went out to the verandah and stood by the wet metal railings, watching the rain thin to a drizzle and then stop. God had decided on sunlight. There was the smell of freshness in the air that edible scent the baked soil gave out at the first touch of rain. I imagined going into the garden, where Jaja was on his knees, digging out a clump of mud with my fingers and eating it.”

I love that she learns the boldness of a purple hibiscus. Oppressive, but hopeful.

my source: Festival of Faith and Writing list

my verdict: very good. read this.