my take: i liked kristina riggle’s other book well enough to try another….this one set in my birth city, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  in particular, the Heritage Hill District.

if you read this blog regularly (or have to actually hear me rant), you’ll know that i’m on a rampage against the format of this book … chapters narrated by various characters. my biggest outrage was against goon squad, mostly because it had won some big awards and seemed to me to be a collection of short stories rather than a novel.

this book, however, is told by various narrators AND manages to progress the plot along. sometimes it’s nice to hear what the various characters are thinking, especially here, where it’s about what the characters DON’T say to each other. as the reader, we know what’s going on.

one of the characters is an alcoholic, an interest of mine because i work with women in recovery. a fairly quiet story, i liked it a lot. and will check out ms. riggle’s third book.

my source: browsing the local indie store – the bookman

my verdict: worth a read. good beach read. feel good.