my take: my friend nancy allows her children an “eat whatever you want day” shortly after school gets out. (my son has joined occasionally – a can of whip cream is involved and usually a stomach ache). so when i saw this title at Target, i was instantly drawn to it. plus it has a bright, cheery cover.

what i didn’t read was the subtitle: and other small acts of liberation.  i selected it off my shelf on a day when i needed total and complete escape from my life. i loved the first chapter. and then the second chapter was a new story. ugh! short stories. i wanted to get lost in a novel! i needed a novel! but, as i was at the cottage without a back up, i pressed on.

each chapter is a different short story, and as i progressed i kept thinking, “i’ll blog that this one is the best.” and then there was another best one. and another. and i was completely lost for the entire afternoon in this lovely collection of stories. (and wished that i’d written even just one of them.)

be forewarned: anyone sitting by you on the beach, porch, or in bed will be hearing you read many lines aloud. i read the entire last chapter to my hubby.

this colorful cast of characters made me laugh, made me cry, and i’m pretty sure i came away a better person.

my source: Target browsing and prior knowledge of Elizabeth Berg

my verdict: great escape reading. especially nice with a bag of chips and a couple of drinks. People magazine says to offer it up to book clubs (and serve chocolate) … i think it would be fun to talk about, but with 14 different stories i wonder how it would go …