my take: Anne Lamott is my soul-sister twin born from another mother. In her latest work she gives the shortcut words to her prayer life: help, thanks, and wow. It’s a very small book that deserves more than one reading.

I initially read it with an eye to my ladies in addiction recovery … anne is a recovering alcoholic and that can speak to my ladies in ways other authors can not. What i discovered, though, of course, are gems of wisdom for myself.

Anne writes in a raw and real way. Vulnerable is the hallmark of an Anne Lamott nonfiction work. some may say self-focused … but I think she believes what she learns of God, truth, love, justice, peace, wonder, neediness, and gratitude she is bound to share with others.

my source: Facebook notifications – I’m friends with anne. Although my 17 year-old would say I’m just a follower. Not so.

my verdict: Great read on prayer and life. Yes, read!