my take: How often do you get to read a published book by someone you know? It came out on a ride home from a tennis match that a woman on my team had a young adult book and several picture books published. What?! How cool! I went home and got on Amazon.

When I told her I was bringing her book on spring break, she kind of poo-pooed me. I think I might respond the same way if someone were to read a novel I’d written … don’t get your expectations too high.

I enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to ask her a few questions. The young adult genre includes a wide age range/age appropriate group. For whom was she writing? She said since it’s written about an 18 year old girl, the target age is 16. Said 18 year old high school girl main character falls for a college professor … sex scenes, questioning religious/spiritual matters, battles with parents … coming of age tale in a town that seemed much like the one in which I’m living.

my source: Well, what would you do if a team mate had written a book?

my verdict: Worth a read