my take: The book seems rather pertinent as I’ve recently encountered stories on the foster care system: On CBS Sunday Morning, a segment on a foster family that has had dozens of kids and most have graduated high school and gone to college, which is a rarity for that population; on MI Public Radio a report on how hard it is for the 18 year olds to transition out of the foster care system and really be on their own. Again, the stats were rather bleak for high school graduation, college, jobs, crime. Sad.

This look into the foster care system is rather bleak. How would rejection and brutality play out in a young girl? The main character is rather extreme, but overall the storyline is a good read. The flowers help to lighten the mood a bit and provide salvation for several characters.

A flower guide book with photos would make this an even better read.

my source: Thanks, Brenda!

my verdict: worth a read