my take: It’s amazing how many books have come from World War II. My friend Julie and I have oft wondered what the literary world would have done if not for the trauma and subsequent writing material from that event.

Here’s a WWII story from a new (for me) perspective: Paris before and during the siege, with a side trip to Senegal. The story begins during WWI, but stays away from battles and most of the blood and guts either war was known for.

Essentially a love story, it’s a quiet book written by a Swiss author in German … which is maybe why Paris during WWII doesn’t seem too brutal … all in your perspective. That said, I enjoyed this enormously.

my source: I read about this on, pinned it on Pinterest,  gave it to my friend Brenda for Christmas, and she shared it back at me. Books: the gifts that keep on giving.

my verdict: well worth a read