my take: I was introduced to by my Pastor Heidi a few years back as part of an adult ed class at church. She gave us Glennon’s autobiographical post of her addiction and I was hooked … another resource for my ladies in recovery!

Since that initial introduction, I’ve become a Momastery follower and enjoy reading Glennon’s editorials and essays on parenting and doing hard things and helping others. The book is mainly a compilation of her essays/posts – which doesn’t necessarily make for a great flowing book, but to me it’s a warmer way to read her ideas. Many were new to me, some were repeats. The last chapter was the most meaningful to me.

I love Glennon’s vulnerability, her sense of humor, her un-dogged perseverance to be kind, and her encouragement of all who read her to carry on.

my source: bought three copies … one for myself and two for my ladies in recovery @ Harbor House

my verdict: I love Glennon. Worth a read whether you’re in recovery or not … currently parenting or not. Check out a couple of her blog posts to see if she’s your cup of tea.