my take: I loved Abraham Verghese’s Cutting for Stone so when this was suggested as a good read, I was eager to find time. AND I had a several book club books to get read…so, finally!

I’m a tennis enthusiast, my husband went to medical school and did a residency, and I volunteer with women in addiction recovery, and this book hit on all those experiences. It’s Verghese’s memoir of working with residents and medical students and his love for the game of tennis. He’s really a brilliant writer, and I would imagine, a tremendous tennis player.

This is personal – he is vulnerable about his loneliness and his need for this guy to be his tennis partner. It’s about the nature of relationships and the sad, sad reality of how addiction wastes great talent and promise. I was intrigued with Verghese’s nature … using his senses, brain, and instinct in his doctoring.

Hubby read and loved as well … and he’s out recommending it to others. I might have to buy my own copy as I’ve had it on loan for many months now …

my source: my acupuncturist, Pat. thanks!

my verdict: well worth a read for tennis enthusiasts & medical personnel & those who read Cutting