my take: The cover is colorful. The book is long. The cover doesn’t make up for the length of the book.

I saw this book so many places with great reviews … I didn’t want to be missing out on a GREAT read. In my opinion, it was over-hyped. It was good, not great.

I was complaining about the book to someone … and she said maybe calling the book “The Interestings” is a little like advertising a hotel as “safe and clean.” Some things should be a given.

And, even though the actual weight of the book could have killed me in bed (some nights I wasn’t strong enough to hold it), this tome about unlikely friendships did get me thinking about the nature of friendship: what binds people together? what sustains them? are relationships even?

my source: every body’s must read list for the summer

my verdict: it was just alright for me, dawg. let me know if you LOVED it and WHY….