my take: I can’t contain myself: this book is fabulous. Could end the review right here. Seriously.

First of all, it’s in correspondence format and at first I thought that would be a pain in the neck. And the letters are brilliantly written.  Secondly, it’s semi-historical – the author took the idea of the friendship of two actual writers and ran with it. Some criticism I read of the book blasted Ms. Bauer for such liberties and I say, hello? It’s fiction! Authors are people who hear a snippet of a story and imagine how it might play out or what led to it. Enough said.

We at Book Chicks read What Happened to Sophie Wilder just prior to reading Frances, and they’re very similar in that one character has strong Catholic faith … and we all agreed Frances was the stronger of the two, although I’d argue they’re both worth a read. Just don’t read them close together.

my source: FF&W and February book chicks pick

my verdict: great read