my take: I read Ms. Fowler’s The Jane Austen Bookclub several years ago, and it was so so. I am a sucker for ANYTHING Jane and it was worth it for that (as was this). When I saw this sitting on a table with a couple other great books I’d read AND it had this fabulous title, I was a goner.

I thought this was tremendous. Seriously, I bought it for the title. I didn’t even read the back of the book. Interesting subject matter, good characters, and well-written … the story unfolds in an unconventional way. I’m not going to tell you any more.

I wish it were a Book Chicks pick as it would make a great discussion in the same way I thought State of Wonder would be.

my source: The Hidden Lantern bookstore in Rosemary Beach, Florida which is a GORGEOUS store with FABULOUS books. Go there if you’re within 30 miles. Really.

my verdict: great read; great discussion book