my take: I’ve read this several times. Marc David is a pioneer in the field of the psychology of eating.

Half the chapters are about HOW TO EAT and half are about WHAT TO EAT … the “diet” in the title refers more to actual eating than to a specific way to restrict calories. Each chapter is one specific practice, so if you take it a chapter a week it’s an 8-week program. (I read it all at once and then started to put into practice.)

It’s a good read with many client stories to illustrate his suggestions. It’s a revolutionary way of approaching food and has changed the way I eat and think about food.

I use this as the source for teaching nutrition in my life skills class and it never fails to surprise and inspire the ladies. They love learning about Vitamin O and Vitamin P. You might, too.

my source: Jill Tanis. Thank you.

my verdict: Highly recommend.