my take: When I surveyed the Festival of Faith and Writing authors and books to read in preparation, I saw this title and thought, “No way I’m reading that!” because it sounded pious and/or fundamental …. Then I read an article by Rachel Held Evans (RHE) on Facebook and thought, “WOW! This chick can write … and we’re aligned theologically.”

OKAY. I judge books by titles. This sounded like something that was going to give a prescription for Christian womanhood that I’m pretty sure I’m not. Who needs more condemnation? No one. Which is why I love this book … RHE digs through the modern fundamental view on the Biblical woman and is able to free women everywhere from the misconceptions … especially with regards to the Proverbs 31 woman. SO LIBERATING.

And funny. This is similar to Flunking Sainthood and The Happiness Project in that it’s a year of doing something (I have a cookbook from a blogger who did 365 days of crock pot cooking that’s dynamite Make it Fast, Cook it Slow) and the format is fine if I don’t read too many close together.

I’m an RHE fan for life. And I got to see & hear her at the FFW. Can you say GROUPIE?!

my source: Festival of Faith and Writing

my verdict: great nonfiction read