my take: I watched The Silver Linings Playbook several months ago and was stunned by it … wild, gripping, poignant, disturbing, redemptive … and then we watched the additional material at the end and wah! it was a novel (first) by Matthew Quick…so when this came out as the pick of the month, I knew I needed to read it.

Daughter and Hubby got to read it before me and I got good vibes from them. I finally got my hands on it and read it in a couple days … it’s so good. The entire book is letters written to Richard Gere, so a watching of An Officer and a Gentleman and perhaps Pretty Woman will get you visually ready.

Like Silver Linings (at least what I can gather from the movie), the characters will grab your heart and pull you into their madness. I gotta wonder if Richard Gere has read it … This will make a great movie, IMHO.

my source: the Costco lady (She Who Makes Reading Selections)

my verdict: absolutely fabulous